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Seeing, hearing

I hear lately of no hope

I hear that no one is listening

I see the sheep everywhere now

I hear them groaning, so bloated they're glistening

I see the sky growing later than late

I see my efforts become futile

I hear the efforts of others wasted

I see brick walls made entirely of people

I see unscalable walls

I hear those walls collapse

I see them replaced with barbed wire

I hear us giving in, and this inevitable relapse

I see invisible arms waving

I see them falling into traps

I hear people say "it's not my job"

I hear them laughing "it's their own fault, perhaps"

I hear muffled voices

I see the lonely road

I see a fake smile over there

I hear of too much alcohol and no fixed abode

I hear of no support

I see the collapsing family

I hear friends that no longer listen

I see them not caring quite happily

I see those who do still care

I hear them being ridiculed

I see those who do still listen

I hear them being harassed and totally fooled

I hear people building families

I see them burn and suffer

I hear you make your excuses

I see your eyes glazing over

I hear an uneasy shuffle

I see you turning away

I see you're eyes refusing contact

I see them darting about like they have something to say

I hear you tell me it'll be alright

I see you've gone and bought me a drink

I hear you telling me to be present

I see you refusing to stop and think

I hear you say "good job, well done"

I hear you say "we need more like you"

I see you avoiding the commitment

I see you already know what you need to do

I see you lying through your teeth

I see those people nodding in the corner

I hear them saying "it's not that bad"

I hear them say "wouldn't it be nice if this planet got a bit warmer"

I hear myself become desperate

I see myself stall and linger

I hear my own shadow shaking

I see me not knowing what the fuck I should say to her

I see food losing its appeal

I hear drugs hovering between my eyes

I see the burning of my own possessions

I hear me repeating to myself "please no more lies"

I hear you watching TV

I see me picking up the phone

I see you've picked up yours as well

I hear us both feeling terribly alone

I see my own self-pity

I hear you feel sorry for that

I see me not knowing what to say

I hear you not knowing how to react

I hear the rain falling on my face

I see that I've gone completely numb

I see the sun hitting the trees now

I hear my expressions grow increasingly dumb

I see abandonment of this project

I hear the permission to shout

I see me curling up in a ball and screaming

I see me just walking out

I see tremendous guilt in just carrying on

I see me putting on a favourite mask

I see no reason to go on any further

I see me opening my eyes at last

I see the path laid out before me

I see it put a smile on my face

I see myself walk off in that direction

I hear there's a slim chance of survival for this beloved human race

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