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No democracy

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The road to revolution

is paved with shut doors,

closed curtains,

barbed wire

and brick walls.

Sullen faces,

and turned heads,

Strong people returning to their beds.

Ignorance is the TV,

the radio is nationalist,

and the internet's somewhere

between a trickster god,

and a horribly infected kiss.

With all those adverts screaming at you

"this is something you cannot miss"

Highways and roadsides,

billboards of blatant brainwash.

Selling freedom to you,

in a can,

a packet,

or a well decorated box.

But only if you have enough dosh.

If you don't

It's tough luck.

Say the men in tall chairs

who clearly don't give a fuck.

Other than to themselves,

or the smart-suited devil in the mirror who's hands they shook.

Granting them permission to enslave

the communities of obedient elves,

who stack their overflowing shelves,

while being watched carefully,

by the bully in the thick jacket that yells,

and bellows.

Ripping into those,

who could be his friends, and fellows.

This is something

that everybody knows.

And they all just go home,

and shut their doors,

treat their partners like punching bags,

personal servants,

and cheap whores.

To escape the pain,

of living everyday

as exactly the same,

as the days that came before.

It drives you insane,

to still keep playing this game,

where progress is the name,

the tunnel vision and blinkered aim.

But it's going nowhere,

it's a treadmill,

an illusion.

The carrot keeps dangling

and your losing your grip on this frame

of reality.

Blindly pursuing the false fame,

but here's a little slice of clarity.

In the form of a joker card,

the meta-physical opposite,

of hope and charity.

You ask "what's this for.."

This is the key,

to unlocking the proverbial locked door.

It's our only escape,

but it usually involves breaking the law.

I cannot enforce this,

it's entirely up to you.

To take that uncertain step.

But once you've stepped through,

there's no turning back.

It doesn't matter how much courage

you think you might lack,

you can find it through here.

It'll fill you up so vividly and loudly

you'll start to laugh and cheer

the next time you get attacked.

That's a fact,

I give it to you.

The future is in your hands now,

and this is true.

Some say that revolution is old,

but I think it's terribly new.

Whether your picking up plastic,

undertaking a march,

or releasing migrants,

from housing conditions worse

than an under-funded zoo.

It's up to you.

Ask the question yourself.

Are you the glorified sheep?

Or the missing grey wolf?

Don't you see.

The wolves are long gone,


stripped and stuffed,

and hung up on a fat polished beam.

While the sheep are everywhere,

as far as the eye can possibly see.

Shown to you,

almost fetishly,

on the cover of the latest

British countryside magazine.

This white middle-class families

fucking wet dream.

It just goes on and on and on and on,

and it surely will if we don't step up.

To the powers that be

who's eggs you suck.

Shut them up,

block them out,

shut them down.

And fuck them over,

cos it's quite clear they've fucked you up.

This is why it's time,

to step out of that infernal queue.

You didn't even realise

you were being screwed over

by somebody I don't even know who.

Who they are,

what they do,

what's their name?

Not their claim to fame,

or the power they think they reign.

It's time to rip their masks off

call them out,

drag them up,

and bring them to shame.

Those members of parliament

and their aristocratic halls.

The off-shore bankers

enclosing the free land further

with barricaded walls.

The tax-dodging stockbrokers

reaping what they did not sew.

The business people and gangsters,

guarded by hard men

who's wages are far too low.

The lord's and ladies of the fake castle

on the nearby hill.

All in support of the soon to be revised

Policing, crime and sentencing bill.

Granting more power,

to the abusers,

the accusers,

the no-excusers,

the care free users,

and those who step on the heads,

of us poor losers.

All in the name of a supposed free world.

Isn't it obvious to you?

This is very far away

from a true, just and happy free world.

It's a lie,

a death sentence,

and a really bad joke.

Yet we allow them to shove this shit

down our polite little throats,

until we gag, vomit, cough,

and inevitably we choke.

None of us can truly breathe.

It's all going to explode.



and the greater good.

It's the greatest lie,

that has ever been told.

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