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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This is Gorlitz.

He lives out his days communicating with passers-by, using his own super-simplified dialect of sign language, composed entirely of waving.

Despite the rather restricted environment, he appears to keep himself more cheerful, positive, upbeat and energetic than any telecommunications operator I've ever met.

Or indeed any PR spokesperson.

Or good hearted Samaritan.

Or rambling teacher.

Or persistent preacher.

Or music festival coordinator.

Or revolutionary leader.

Or, without a doubt, better at communicating with people than I have ever been, or could probably possibly ever be.

Sadly, it seems he can only really remain alive and smiling if people continue to reply to him; exclusively in his super-easy-to-learn language, which is composed entirely of waving.

Please wave at Gorlitz if you do happen to see him, I'd hate to hear of his disappearance.

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